Much Needed Update on AffiliateShop Plugins Development

Much Needed Update on AffiliateShop Plugins Development

Development on Affiliateshop (“AS” for short) front had slowed a bit due to our school commitments and other focus on other product of ours and more so because we are a small team of two.

That being said, we’ve decided to turn our focus on this product in order to take it to the height we dreamed of.

Few days ago, did a redesign of their site thus breaking AS and rendering it non-functional because it rely on scraping their website for products data.

However, we have updated the Jumia shop plugin accordingly, made significant improvement to product importation and finally improve compatibility with PHP 5.3.

Update will be pushed to our customers soon.

Konga Affiliate Shop

We are pleased to announce that the Konga affiliate shop plugin is ready. It will be release as soon as our final round of testing is completed.

Sorry it took so long to get this done.


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