Join Our Affiliate Program

Join Our Affiliate Program

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Our Affiliate program is an incredibly easy way to earn money. With every referrer you make, you get 8% commission.

Affiliate Shop affiliate program is designed in a very simple way that makes the entire process clean and transparent.

Our affiliate platform features the following;

Referral URL Generator

With our fluid URL generator, all you do is enter any URL from Affiliate Shop to generate your referral link.

This link can then be placed anywhere on the web, users who purchase any of our products via your referral link, automatically enlist you for a 8% commission from the sale.


Here, you get to see how your referral link is performing. Detailed representation of your performance is accurately represented through our statistics page. The number of unpaid referrals, paid referrals, unpaid earnings and paid earnings can be viewed in this page.

Also, the number of visits as well as the conversion rate is visible. This way, you easily can measure your performance.


We have designed a graphical representation of your statistics. This way, things get less messier, you get to see your performance in colour graphical display.


In the referrals page, we have designed it in an uncluttered way, to provide detailed information about all your referrals.


In this page, you will find several promotional standard banner sizes to fit your choice.

You can copy and paste the code anywhere on the web.


Affiliate Shop Affiliates help connect webmasters and online marketers with our powerful e-commerce plugins, which is used by some of Nigeria’s leading brands. Join today to grow your revenue while helping your referrals sell more.

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